FeenoX annotated examples


1 Examples by problem type

The FeenoX examples are divided by the type of problem they solve:

  1. Basic mathematics
  2. Systems of ODEs/DAEs
  3. Laplace’s equation
  4. Heat conduction
  5. Linear elasticity
  6. Modal analysis
  7. Neutron diffusion
  8. Neutron S_N

Each type of partial differential equation (i.e. from Laplace downward) is implemented in a subdirectory within src/pde of the source tree. Feel free to…

  • ask questions in the Github discussion page
  • propose features, corrections, improvements, etc.
  • create a pull request for other PDEs. Candidates would be
    • fluid mechanics
    • thermal hydraulics
    • electromagnetism
    • non-linear elasticity
    • cell-level neutronics (i.e. method of characteristics, collision probabilities, etc)

All the files needed to run theses examples are available in the examples directory of the Git repository and any of the tarballs, both source and binary.

For a presentation of these examples, see the “FeenoX Overview Presentation” (August 2021).

2 Test suite

The tests directory in the Github repository has dozens of test cases which can be used as examples for reference and for mathematical verification of the results obtained with FeenoX. These are run when doing make check after compiling the source code.

The test cases usually return a single number (which should be near zero) comparing the numerical result with the expected one. Feel free to propose benchmark problems to add to the suite.

3 Detailed list of examples