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We love working with people that believe what we believe in and that like what we like (and do not like what we do not like).

To see if we are on the same frequency, consider the following questions. Can you answer most of them?

Sample quiz

  1. Where should the poles of a plant be in order for it to be stable?

  2. In which manual section are the system calls?

  3. In which header is the macro assert defined?

  4. What is the output of the following command in a Bash-like shell?

echo hello world | sed s/world// | grep world
  1. What is e^{i \cdot \pi}?

  2. How do you typeset in LaTeX the following equation? \left.\frac{\partial^2 f}{\partial x^2}\right|_{x=0}

  3. Compute \int_{-1}^{+1} x^2 \, dx

  4. A company is studying the pricing of a product. The expected number of people n(p) that would but the product is linearly decreasing with the product price p. If the price is p_0, then nobody would buy it. If the product was free, then a number n_0 of people would want it. What should be the product price in order to maximize the total income?

  5. What is the TCP port for http? And for https?

  6. What is the probability of getting dealt a Blackjack in a single-deck game?

  7. A Lotto-like game consists of having to choose six numbers from zero to forty five (inclusive). What is the probability of winning this game?

  8. In which year did Einstein write his paper “On the electrodynamics of moving bodies”?

  9. In which century did Gutenberg invent the mechanical movable type printing?

  10. Which particle has a greater mass, the electron or the neutron?

  11. A certain particle has en energy equal to E (v \ll c). What is the energy of a particle half as heavy but that moves twice as fast?

  12. Who proved that a^n + b^n = c^n has no integer solution for n>2?

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