The Peano axiom

1 The Peano axiom

This example shows how the sum 1+1 can be computed and printed to the standard output—i.e. the screen—in a variety of ways.

1.1 peano.was

The PRINT keyword may take algebraic expressions, which are rendered to ASCII expressions using a scanf-type format specifier. The default format is %e (see the C library reference for scanf for details). The last format specifier given is used to render each expression. New PRINT keywords reset the format specifier to the default. Expressions may be mixed with text, as shown in the last line.

PRINT 1+1      # with default format
PRINT %g 1+1   # with numeric format

# by means of an intermediate variable
a = 1+1
PRINT %g a 

# with an informative text
PRINT "Peano says that one plus one equals" %.0f a
$ wasora peano.was
Peano says that one plus one equals 2